About Us


NRG Review provides a one stop shop for all your energy management requirement. We will carry out a no-obligation energy audit of your premises and identify areas where improvements can be made.

We can even help you to assess equipment, installation costs, energy and maintenance saving.

The services that we can offer include design, supply, installation, commissioning and monitored support.


The solutions we deliver to our customers include:


Immediate cost savings:


Sustainable reductions in annual energy costs ranging from 20% upwards.

Identifiable Investment Returns:


Delivering payback on capital investment within 2 years.


Reduced Corporation Tax:


Cost of equipment may be off set against your tax liability in year 1 under the Accelerated Capital Allowance (ACA) as apposed to the traditional 8 year period.

Flexible Implementations:


Whether stand alone or integrated with existing technology, our system maximises the cost benefits available.

Ensuring Zero Disruption:


Utilising wireless technology we can implement a solution that has minimal impact on your property’s operation and is typically 40% cheaper to install than conventional hard wired systems.

Increasing the buildings BER rating:


Working with you, we offer a cost effective and efficient solution.

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