Energy Auditing/Design Consultancy


Energy Auditing

NRG Review’s philosophy is to take a practical approach to energy management; assessing needs, identifying areas for improvement and creating solutions that are tailored to your requirements and budgets. Furthermore, we will work with you in identifying where possible any grants or tax breaks available to minimise your capital outlay and provide an even faster return on investment.

NRG Review is able to carry out a full energy audit of your estate to identify key areas of energy saving potential. Energy audits are backed by full consultancy services on a wide range of energy matters.

It costs nothing to find out how NRG Review can save you money and reduce your energy consumption. To make an informed decision, you need meaningful information as well as helpful advice, that we at NRG Review can provide

We will carry out a no-obligation energy assessment of your premises and highlight any areas where improvements can be made with a good return on investment.

NRG Review will advise you on any reduced corporation tax, under the Accelerated Capital Allowance (ACA) Scheme that may be available.

The services that we offer include design, supply, installation, commissioning and monitored support for complete peace of mind.

We at NRG Review provide solutions for all your business needs:


Design Consultancy


At NRG we can design a bespoke solution for new or future building projects. We will design the energy solutions to your requirements ensuring the most cost effective and energy efficient solutions available.


Each bespoke solution is tailor made to your specific needs and requirements.


Contact us today for further information.


Ventilation/Air Conditioning
Hot Water


NRG – Your one stop solution!

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